Full Spectrum infused cooking ingredients

Cannabis. inc is proud to be able to offer this selection of infused ingredients. Made with full spectrum rosin, ingredient offers you options. Ingredient is a partner to both patients and caregivers and we want to make sure you can medicate in a variety of ways! With top-of-the-line starting materials, artisan production processes, and a highly skilled team, we guarantee your complete satisfaction.

Cooking wiith Grandma

(clarified butter)

Top Seller

A great way to medicate with your favorite recipe. Simply include the intended dosage worth of our full spectrum rosin infused GHEE into your recipe and you've got a medicine personalized for your tastes and needs.

Coconut Oil

Featured Item

Our coconut oil can be used to replace cooking oil in nearly any recipe. Infused with full spectrum rosin for maximum effect, simply add your desired dosage to any recipe from salad to pancakes and medicate the way YOU want. 

Cooking Together